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WELLDONE hydration backpack 175$ blue plaid (regular size)

$175.00 / Sold Out

WellDone packs are made by Takashi Inoue in Nagoya, Japan.

These packs are sewn and screen printed by hand. They are ultra light and have a very unique closure system. The back opens and closes like a dry bag.

Hunter Cycles has imported the first 10 into the US, more are on the way. All feedback so far has been positive. Personally I have worn mine quite a bit and used it on a week long bike tour with no issues..

They are very light, soft, and comfortable. There are no long zippers to break, no hard spots in the back, no extra pockets or zippers you'll never use. They are extremely simple and totally functional. Truly a beautifully unique design.

There are 2 sizes-- 19" back and 21" back
People under 5'10" generally fit the 19"
People over 5'10" will fit the 21"

roll top ( dry bag ) back closure system
waist strap
sternum strap
external bladder sleeve
hose routing loops on padded shoulder straps
coated nylon fabric
external key and cash zippered pocket
approx. 500G --1lb